Kwik-Klick Dispenser


Disposable cartridges are easily inserted and removed from the Kwik-Klick dispenser. Any of the dispensers are capable of dispensing either Lotion Soaps, Antibacterial Hand Soaps, Instant Hand Sanitizers, Grit Soaps or any of Whisk special formulated Foaming Soaps. There are different dispensers that handle the same cartridges and are available to satisfy the individual preferences of the end user. Snap the cartridge into the dispenser and use until empty. Pull the two tabs under the dispenser forward and pull cartridge out of dispenser and then reload.

Universal dispensers for both liquid lotions, grit soaps, sanitizers, and foam products. Cartridges are available from 1.75 Liter to 4.0 Liters. Each cartridge includes a pump for reliable, sanitary operation. Polypropylene construction provides enhanced chemical and impact resistance for enhanced durability.

Remove cartirdge   Insert dispenser   Click dispenser into position

Step #1: Remove cartridge from shipping box and firmly grasp the recesses on each side of the bottle


  Step #2: Insert cartridge at an angle with the protrusion at the top of the cartridge placed under the lip of the dispenser. The nozzle on the cartridge will fall into the dispensing mechanism of the dispenser.   Step #3: Push the lower portion of the cartridge back against the dispenser and it will click into a holding position.
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Whisk P-175-K
1.75 Liter Plastic Bottle, Kwik Klick Dispenser
whisk P-175-K-B
1.75 Liter Plastic Bottle, Kwik Klick Dispenser- Battery Operation
whisk P-175-K-C
1.75 Liter Plastic Bottle Kwik Klick W/ Cover & Lock - Black
whisk P-175-K-C
1.75 Liter Plastic Bottle Kwik Klick W/ Cover & Lock - White
whisk P-400-K-M-Green
4 Liter Plastic Bottle, M Shaped Dispenser
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