• CGW Thin Cut-Off Wheel
  • CGW 1/8" Cutting/Notching

    A24Q Fast Cut: Aluminum oxide grain. Q-grade bond for fast
    cutting. Economical choice for metal, steel
    and general applications.

    A24R: Aluminum oxide grain. R-grade bond for
    fast cutting and long life. Works well on
    steel, cast iron, and welds.

    WA24S: White aluminum oxide grain with S-grade
    bond. Contaminate Free wheel for fast cutting
    of stainless steel, ferrous metals, food grade, and
    nuclear applications. Contains ≤0.1% iron, sulfur, or
    chlorine for rust-free and corrosion-free results.

    ZA24T: Zirconia aluminum oxide grain mixture with T-grade bond.
    High performance design for fast cutting and longer life.
    Excellent cutting of ferrous metals and stainless steels.

    Super Quickie-Cut
    A24R: High performance design for long working life. Premium
    aluminum oxide grain with R-grade. Fast cutting of steel, cast iron and welds