• L711

    Apply to any chain or wire cable. Stays put on moving parts to reduce friction. Prevents corrosion. Use on bicycles, throttle cables and garage door chains. Reduces wear. Prevents oxidization. Anti-sling formula. Safe for O-ring & standard chains.

  • L512

    Lubricates with no oily residue. Dries fast to prevent the collection of dirt and dust. Lubricates and quiets. Use on interior door hinges, windows and locks. Leaves a white lubricant powder. Zero residual odor. Does not pick up dirt

  • L112

    Frees stuck nuts, bolts and locks. Dissolves rust and cuts through grease. Quickly penetrates corrosion. Use on garden hose nozzles, clamps, pipes and frozen mechanisms. Safe for use on painted surfaces. Low odor, Low VOCs. Does not stain.