• Sellars Power Match
  • Eversoak Products

    Sellars offers both a recycled line of sorbents called EVERSOAKĀ® as well as the industry standard meltblown sorbents. We have general purpose recycled cellulose sorbent pads, rolls, socks, pillows and spill kits as well as oil only cotton pads, rolls, booms, socks and spill kits. We also have universal and oil only metlblown sorbent pads, rolls, booms, pillows and bilge booms.

  • Sellars Rubbin Rags

    Sellars industrial wet wipes are made with a unique, non-scratching, scrubbing texture and infused with an industry proven liquid producing a great industrial strength degreaser. The degreaser cuts thru oil, tar, grease, paint, lubricants, ink, wax, adhesives and more. This special formula has a fresh citrus scent and is gentle on your skin.

  • 20210

    Sellars is one of only two manufacturers of DRC Wipers in the world. DRC Wipers are the best and one of the most popular shop towels because they are soft on hands and face, extremely absorbent and won't fall apart when wet. DRC Wipers work like cloth

  • 183208

    Sellars offers a full line of high quality embossed towel and tissue products such as bathroom tissue, multi fold towels, c-fold towels, single fold towels, hard wound roll towels, center pull towels and kitchen towels. These extremely soft towel and tissue products are made with 100% recycled fibers and are perfect for washrooms in various settings such as office buildings, manufacturing facilities, public facilities, healthcare facilities, stadiums, etc.